The Manitoba Association of Food Banks was created in April 2007 to provide leadership and direction as well as work with the Food Banks Canada a national organization that represents food banks across Canada.

Manitoba Association of Food Banks will be the voice of food banks, respective agencies, and its members across Manitoba. The association and its members are focused on 4 elements:

  1. Share food with hungry people
  2. Support one another
  3. Work one to one with people
  4. Work together for systemic change

This will help us be stronger advocates and promote dignity for those who use the food bank.

The union of Manitoba food banks is the next step in making Manitoba Hunger Free.

We are continuing the journey of working for Manitobans who are living in poverty,” said, David Northcott, Winnipeg Harvest and current spokesperson for MAFB. “We are now one united voice for families living in poverty, day after day, meal after meal.”

We want Manitoba to be the best place to raise a child. Now is the time to give our children a brighter future in which hope and dreams can thrive. Our common voice at the table is;

“Children are hungry…still!”

The Association membership is made up of a number of the larger food banks in Manitoba and is directed by a volunteer board of business people and food bank volunteers.